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First Educational event: SeminARS

So the first physical event will be held in Amelia, in central Italy, and will revolve around the context of the evolution from late Middle Ages to Renaissance, from judicial combat to duel, from Longsword to Sidesword. We will take two important local names of that time as patrons of our explanations: Andrea Fortebraccio da Montone and Erasmo da Narni, caled Gattamelata.

Noble, Burger, Knight, War, Siege, Man at Arms, Castle, City... what did those words exactly mean at the passage from XIV century to XV century?

How did they live, fight, dress and relate?

A two-men, two-days conference together with Fecerico Marangoni/ Reenactment Advisor:

He is a dear friend and a well of knowledge on dressing and historical context. He will be talking of costume, I will be talking of society. He will be talking of armor and I will be talking of fights.

So, how did Knighs falter?

A special focus will be made on the Italian situation, but not only.

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