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Instructor for Hire


As a HEMAist, I primarily focus on late medieval and early renaissance duling arts from norhtern Italy, with either Longsword, Sidesword, Pollaxe, Dagger or bare hands. I am a long-time, experienced instructor, and I have been a successful competitor in the early 2010s.


I offer a wide range of services:

  • Workshops for events or clubls, where the students can focus on a single topic

  • "Weekend-size" (two days) seminars, where we can work on more complex subjects

  • "Camps", where I can spend a week or two at your club, guiding the instructors, fine-tuning the lessons, teaching new exercises and games, and helping the competitive students prepare for events

  • Regular Tuition, where I can travel to your club once ot twice a month on a regular schedule, helping the resident instrictors in building a program and keeping up the growth of students while helping competitive students build up technique and physicality on the long run


With over 15 years of HEMA experience, and workshops held all over the western world, from my homeland Italy to many European countires, as well as Canada and the USA, I have had quite some time to build a solid knowledge about my field, and a tested ad tried teaching method.

If you want to have me as an instructor at your club or your event, please email me at

Who is Thokk?


You may have heard about me before, or you may have not, so here's who I am.

I'm Dario Alberto Magnani, an Italian HEMAist. I primarly consider myself a researcher and an instructor in the field of late Medieval and early Renaissance European fighting techniques with sword, pollaxe, spear and bare hands, with a stronger focus on the northern Italian dueling tradition.

I am also a Historical Fencing gear designer as the owner of THOKK- Personal Armor.​

This website is not only intended as a shop for THOKK products, but also as a way to keep the HEMA, Reenactment, SCA, HMB and any other Historical Fencing communities updated on my gear, as well as my research goals and aims in the field of historical studies and combat practice.


The mission of my work is that of improving everyone's ability of fighting, studying and learning, by producing gear that allows them to train and fight safely, publishing research to guide others in their practice and organizing workshops and seminars for me and other instructors to share our research.

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