Who is Thokk?

You may have heard about me before or you may have not.

I am Dario Alberto Magnani, from Italy, and I primarly consider myself a researcher and an instructor in the field of Medieval and Renaissance european dueling and warfare techniques.

I am also a Reenactor, with Società dei Vai, based in Bologna, and a HEMA gear producer as the owner of THOKK- Personal Armor.

This website is not only intended as a shop for THOKK products, but also as a way to keep the HEMA, Reenactment, SCA, HMB and any other Historical Fencing communities updated on my research goals and aims in the field of historical studies and combat practicing, to improve everyone's chances of doing what they like by producing gear to allow them training and fighting safely, publishing research to guide others in their practice and organize workshops and seminars for those interested in my researches. It took almost ten years to reach this goal, but finally I can get my work to global scale, thanks to the great help the community gave to me by funding the largest indiegogo campaign ever in this field.

Dario Alberto Magnani

Via G. Cavalcoli 48123 Ravenna(RA), Italy

(+39) 340-1795095

  • Facebook @thokkhistoricalfencing