WeaponMaster® Gauntlets are the HEMA gauntlets that fit like gloves!


This "PRO" model features a thin and elastic 350N 100% HT Polyester fabric, to attain the CEN Level 2 standard requirements for fencing gloves, while also offering protection on the palm and between the fingers without compromising on maneuverability.


Our brand's groundbreaking original deisgn, these gloves are made of two parts:


1) An inner glove, carrying most of the gauntlet's "armor". This protective layer is made with ScutuM®, the innovative flexible composite designed specifically for HEMA and armed sports by Mr. Thokk himself. The inner glove is completed by a moisture-wicking lining, a PoronXRD® padding and rigid fingertip guards.


2) An outer sleeve, featuring puncture resistant fabrics on the outside for maximum resistance and protection, wear-resistant synthetic suede under your fingers for tactility, premium genuine goatskin for the amazing looks, a silicone print palm for optimal grip. Joint reinforcements and a protective cuff complete the package.

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