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WeaponMaster® Gauntlets are the HEMA gauntlets that fit like gloves!


This BladeProof model's distinctive feature is its special 800N elastic fabric, woven with 30% Dyneema® UHMWPE fibers.

They come equipped with the sginature "Heavy" lining, featuring rigid fingertips and our exclusive ScutuM® softarmor.

WeaponMaster® Gauntlets PRO "BladeProof"

€ 270,50Price
Excluding VAT
Accent Colour

-This product is intended for HEMA fencing with both steel an synthetic weapon simulators.
-For the use at high intesity with Longsword simulators, it is recommended to use it with the "Longsword Badass Design" add-on, which on top of increasing protection from impacts also protects the sides of the fingers, the areas between the fingers, and the thumb.
-For rapier fencing and other similar complex-hilted, light weapon simulators that do not require much impact protection, it is possible to replace the standard "heavy" lining with the optional "light" lining.

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