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Turn your WeaponMaster® Gauntlets into super-light fencing gloves with bonus knuckle armor, with this lining replacement!

The Light Lining can be used at need to replace the standard Heavy Lining (they are both removable and can be exchanged quite easily) when you want a lower-profile, softer glove and don't need a lot of protection from impacts. The Light Lining allows you to keep the rigid knuckle protectiors and the penetration resistance of you WeaponMaster® Gauntlets, while removing the internal armor and rigid fingertip guards, for fencing with rapiers, smallswords and other light simulators that don't require heavy HEMA gloves.

Light Linings for WeaponMaster® Gauntlets

€ 13,00Price
Excluding VAT

-This item can be manually bent, to better follow the shape of your own hand while wearing the gloves!

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