• Exclusive Thokk® ScutuM® Soft-Armor

  • Certified Penetration Resistant Fabrics, up to 800N

  • Modular Optional Designs: Removable Add-ons for Cuffs and Fingers

  • Can Take Different Configurations

  • Suitable for Every HEMA Discipline, From Rapier to Longsword

WeaponMaster Gauntlets

WeaponMaster® Gauntlets
Our Flagship

ScutuM® Impact Composite
Our Flexible Technology

  • Innovative Material, Specifically Designed for HEMA by Thokk®

  • Made from Viscoelastic Foam and High Performance Fabrics

  • Flexes Like Foam, Protects Like a Plate

  • Feather-Light: less than 400g/l

  • Low Profile, High Performance: Just 4mm thick on your fingers

LongCuff Design

LongCuff Design
Modular Add-On
For Extra Arms Protection

Longsword Badass Design

LongSword Badass Design
Modular Add-On
For Extra Fingers Protection