• Hand Protection

    Gloves and other related items

  • Head Protection

    Masks, Helmets and other headgear

  • Garments 350N

    Level 1 jackets, breeches and other garments.

  • Garments 800N

    Level 2 Jackets, breeches and other garments

  • Misc Protectors

    Plastrons, gorgets, ArmorPads, ArmorFabric, riot gear, others

  • Weapon Simulators

    Steel and Synthetic weapon simualtors for armed sports.

WeaponMaster Line

The products of the WeaponMaster® range are designed to be light, nimble, modular and low profile enough to use them comfortably with lighter weapons, such as smallswords, rapiers, sideswords and sabers, but protective enough to be suitable for longsword sparring.
WeaponMaster® range products represent the brand's most advanced research, combining cutting-edge materials and razor-sharp designs into the HEMA gear of the future, brought to you today.

WeaponMaster Gauntlets

Standard Line 350N Level 1

This products range breathes new life into a legacy of HEMA gear, transforming popular, iconic designs into a new market standard.
Affordable and practical CEN Level 1 (350N) garments to provide the necessary protection to every HEMAist.

Challenge Heavy Jacket

Diamond Duelist Jacket

Premium Line 800N Level 2

This products range represents the new state of the art of HEMA garments, inheriting the legacy of popular, iconic designs, but also adds to them an unprecedented level of innovation and protectivity.
Premium, comfortable CEN Level 2 (800N) garments designed for the top of the HEMA crop.

Challenge Heavy Jacket

Diamond Duelist Jacket

Additional Protectors

From ArmorFabrics and ArmorPads to plastic protectors, gorgets, riot gear, mask covers, light gloves and much more.

Challenge Heavy Jacket

Diamond Duelist Jacket


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