Thokk Educational Program launched: what is it?

For a couple months now I've been saying that an Educational Program was to be launched soon. But what is it?

My answer is this:

"It's a complete world scale program involving most of the major sources and divulgative means available in the HEMA world, that aims at supporting the current second generation of HEMA instructors, those generally now running relatively new clubs or keeping up established isntructors' clubs, and training the next generation HEMA practitioners. This means producing and givign them access to functional explainations of the actual shared knowledge of Historical Fencing and how it relates to original texts and manuals.

The Educational Program will furthermore help a cleaner and easier access for the aforementioned third generation into this HEMA wolrd, granting them easily readable and well done introductions for beginners that can support their learning and knowledge building, by gradually guiding them through the incredible amount of stuff HEMA people has discovered and created in the last 10-20 years."

This aims to prevent or at least dampen the deviation most other martial arts had, and recently HEMA is experincing to some extent, of more or less adequate instructors trying to keep up a club, and most of all the phenomenon of "grand masters" that instruct the new generations to do things their way because they said so. "But my Master said so!" shan't ever become a demonstration. NEVER.

Historical Fencing is a precious pearl, and I don't want it to be lost because of people not caring of the next generations and just trying to be the best instructors around. This is no accuse, but just not everybody can contemporarly manage clubs, teach more than once a week, maybe also run seminars and in the meanwhile take care of the development of the global community with foresight. That might be my part in it.

Well, first of all there's something you have to know about me. I have my own idea of being an entrepreneur, which I call Ethical Business. Someone else has theorized this before for sure, in this case feel free to quote them, I don't know them for sure.

The first example you already had: probably some of you have seen the recent post from HROARR

Basically, instead of using some money to make publicity I am using much more, but to fund a complete educational section on the probably biggest HEMA website currently run, which can also in this way become an even better sister website to the fantastic Wiktenauer. Obviously if anyone might feel compelled in helping the cause, you can go to Patreon and fund HROARR to help Roger managing this thing. Even a few euros per month are a great help, if many donate.

I am first of all an Historical Fencing scholar, and this is what I love to do and what I want to contribute to in my life.

Good day, dear people.

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