Training WeaponMaster Gauntlets

Training WeaponMaster Gauntlets are the next generation gloves for salle work in armed sports.

Developed specifically for HEMA practice, they sport a five-fingered construction with flexible foam armor inside a stylish italian-designed glove made of premium materials and 350N puncture resistant fabric.

Their design is derived from the "bigger" Pro brothers, of which thei share the pattern and core structure, but in this Training model some of the performance was sacrificed in name of a far lower price tag.

Some plastic reinforcements protect the most vulnerable areas to grant their safety.


These are suitable for salle work and controlled to medium-intensity sparring, while for high intensity sparrign and competitions the Pro verison is recommended.

Despite the photo, they are entirely BLACK, not black and white.

They are recommended for the practice of Longsword, Sidesword, Saber and Arming Sword at mild or medium intensity, and can be suited with any add-on developed for WeaponMaster Gauntlets models such as Longsword Badass and LongCuff.


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