Pro WeaponMaster Gauntlets

Pro WeaponMaster Gauntlets are the next generation gloves for Armed Sports.

Developed specifically for HEMA practice, they sport a five-fingered construction with super-technological flexible armor inside a stylish italian-designed glove made of premium goatskin and Dyneema®-based fencing fabric.

Inside the outer glove's pockets there's also semirigid composite protectors to take the brunt of the impacts on the most sensible areas such as the knuckles and the inside of the wrist, as well as portectors for fingertips, while the "soft armor" composite covering the whole surface of the back of the hand and the fingers with no exposed gaps is more than capable of taking longsword shots without having your bones break.

The inner padding layer for the top of te fingers and the back of the hand consists in PoronXRD at the maximum available density, for maximum shock absorption.


These are the thinnest and lightest five-fingered heavy HEMA gloves available on the market, at roughly 300g a glove and a total increase of the width of your hand of about 1,5/2cm pinky-to index.

They are recommended for the practice of Longsword, Sidesword, Saber and Arming Sword.
-For longsword competitions and similar heavy fencing situations where being hit hard and often is likely, the Longsword Badass Design is a recommended detachable add-on that makes being repeatedly hit hard on the fingers far less uncomfortable.

-If you like to have forearm protectors that integrate and interact perfectly with your gloves, the LongCuff Design is a detachable add-on you may want to consider.

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