This revamp of the world-class Challenge Jacket we acquired from the previous maker comes with a lot of new technical solutions!


  • New elastic fabrics, for maximum comfort and mobility.
  • A back cinch, for further waist-girth adjustment.
  • Synthetic micro-ventilated padding, to allow transpiration while not absorbing liquids, making the jacket far quicker to dry and not become heavy with sweat. Thickness varying between 2.5mm and 5mm.
  • Moiusture-wicking lining, to always feel dry and comfortable in your jacket.
  • Internal, viscoelastic foam protectors for elbows and shoulders, to maintain full mobility while preventing joint injuries. New specially customized elbow protector to also protect elbow sides. You can remove or swap them if you prefer to use external hard protectors.
  • Internal pockets for chest, upper arms and sides. to house additional foam protectors (hardfoam protectors included, ~7mm thick). Option to have thinner and more protective viscoelastic foam protectors for chest, sides and upper arms for a premium.
  • Weight ~3kgs (varying with size).

Challenge Heavy Jacket 800N